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Turning into self reliant.

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101 Things To Do 'Til The Revolution 30 Since you're reading this book, you probably have some idea why it matters. In case you're one of the rrrillions who spouts your number without thinking every time somebody pushes your Social Security button, here's the reason: Privacy. The more that number is used to identify you, the more the feds, the state, or any talented computer hacker can find out about you. Where you live. What you own. What medicines you take. How much you pay in taxes (or whether you pay).

S. or neighborhood government. The court passed judgment on two separate forfeiture cases June 24; both involved seizure of assets from drug users. One decision was unanimous; the other was 8 to 1. S. Supreme Court. So take care of your own backside, people, because the Injustice System isn't going to do it for you. If you have a nice car, boat or house whose sale could enrich the coffers of some cop agency, look out. If you have a valuable collection of anything, beware. If you express unpopular political opinions — well, you're probably toast.

Wouldn't it be a delight if, all across the land, evidence of Simon's presence appeared to remind would-be rulers they are neither sacred nor safe — and to let our fellow freedom lovers know they are not alone? Here's how Have some stickers printed up with thought-provoking sayings. ) All you need to do is make sure your printer will handle the sticky labels. If it won't, print yours at the local Kinko's or equivalent. Carry a sheet of them and slap them everywhere you go: phone booths, rest room stalls, newspaper vending machines, park benches, post office or school bulletin boards, store windows — wherever they'll be noticed.

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