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By Harold Johnston

This quantity tells the unconventional real tales pertaining to hugely proficient civilian scientists in a few strange areas and occasions in the course of global warfare II. the aim of the paintings is to provide a virtually forgotten historical past of mystery warfare study in universities. the focal point is at the slender topic of chemical struggle learn and on a small variety of members, yet with in-depth research of those contributors and what they did. regularly graduate scholars and younger teachers, they have been operating less than the path of professors on the California Institute of know-how (Caltech) and the collage of California (Berkeley). motion happened in California, Florida and the jungles of Panama. This heritage touches at the paintings of 4 senior Nobel Prize winners and 8 junior, destiny Nobel Prize winners at Caltech and Berkeley.

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Dickinson watched the S-10 HAL 39 in the hood and told Stosick at what rate to raise the liquid air. S-10 boils (just) above room temperature, so a vapor-pressure explosion could not occur. The whole process was over sooner than Dickinson had thought. The glass line between the hood and the army bulb was sealed off and disconnected; Dickinson was a master glass blower. Stosick slowly lowered the liquid air Dewar below the sample and removed it from the Army’s rack. They then took off their glass-blowing goggles, removed the gas masks fi-om their belt, sat down and smoked one cigarette afier another.

Some things he wrote on the blackboard, and some he wrote in the air with his hands and body. He was a skilled actor and put on a lively show. For me the trouble was that I did not understand what Pauling was talking about. I hriously took notes and studied them at night, but all of the material was far above my head. I took the entire four day Thanksgiving holiday weekend to do nothing but study Pauling’s course with aid from Pauling’s book, Quuntum Mechanics and my lengthy class notes. By the end of that weekend, I had finally made some sense of the material and begun to understand it.

Oh, yes. We are very careful. Thank you very much. ” I returned to the laboratory. * * * The army group had brought in its glass flask attached to a carrying rack to receive the S-10, but it was too tall to fit in the hood, and so had to be filled by vacuum distillation fiom the gas supply inside the hood and out into the Army’s container. Stosick clamped it to a heavy wooden desk outside the hood. The large glass cylindrical bulb was built into a frame and mounted about half a meter fiom the hood.

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