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By John Charles (J. C.) Ryle

“A caricature of the lifestyles and Labors of George Whitefield,” by way of J. C. Ryle, presents a caricature of Whitefield’s occasions, lifestyles, faith, preaching, and paintings. Whitefield was once an English Anglican priest who helped unfold the nice Awakening in Britain, and particularly within the British North American colonies. He grew to become maybe the best-known preacher in Britain and the USA within the 18th century, and, simply because he traveled via all the American colonies and drew nice crowds and media insurance, he used to be probably the most well known public figures in colonial the USA. The Anglican Church didn't assign him a pulpit, so he started preaching in parks and fields in England on his personal, attaining out to those who mostly didn't attend church. Like Jonathan Edwards, he constructed a method of preaching that elicited emotional responses from his audiences. yet Whitefield had air of secrecy, and his voice (which based on many bills, should be heard over sizeable distances), his small stature, or even his cross-eyed visual appeal (which a few humans took as a mark of divine want) all served to assist make him one of many first celebrities within the American colonies. because of frequent dissemination of print media, might be 1/2 all colonists ultimately heard approximately, examine, or learn anything written via Whitefield. He hired print systematically, sending boost males to place up broadsides and distribute handbills asserting his sermons. He additionally prepared to have his sermons released. He first took to preaching within the outdoor on Hanham Mount, Kingswood, in southeast Bristol the place a crowd of 20,000 humans accumulated to listen to him. Even higher crowds—Whitefield expected 30,000—met him in Cambuslang in 1742. Benjamin Franklin attended a revival assembly in Philadelphia and was once drastically inspired with Whitefield's skill to bring a message to this kind of huge crew. it really is predicted that all through his existence, Whitefield preached greater than 18,000 formal sermons, of which seventy-eight were released.

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Time, at any rate, forbids me to dwell on it a moment longer. But surely I think I have shown enough to justify me in expressing a wish that we had many living ministers in the Church of England like George Whitefield. His Preaching The next part of the subject is one which I feel some difficulty in handling,—I allude to Whitefield's preaching. I find that this point is one on which much difference of opinion prevails. I find many are disposed to think that part of Whitefield's success is attributable to the novelty of gospel doctrines at the time when he preached, and part to the extraordinary gifts of voice and delivery with which he was endowed, and that the matter and style of his sermons were in no wise remarkable.

From this date to the day of his death, a period of thirty-one years, Whitefield's life was one uniform employment. From Sunday morning to Saturday night—from the 1st of January to the 31st of December—excepting when laid aside by illness, he was almost incessantly preaching. There was hardly a considerable town in England, Scotland, and Wales, that he did not visit. When churches were opened to him, he gladly preached in churches. When chapels only were offered, he cheerfully preached in chapels.

It was discriminating, unquestionably. Sinners had their portion; but saints had their portion too. And what was this but walking in the very steps of the apostle Paul? The crowning excellence of Whitefield's teaching was, that he just spoke of men, things, and doctrines, in the way that the Bible speaks of them, and the place that the Bible assigns to them. God, Christ, and the Spirit—sin, justification, conversion, and sanctification—impenitent sinners the most miserable of people—believing saints the most privileged of people—the world a vain and empty thing—heaven the only rest for an immortal soul—the Devil a tremendous and ever-watchful foe—holiness the only true happiness—hell a real and certain portion for the unconverted; these were the kind of subjects which filled Whitefield's mind, and formed the staple of his ministry.

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