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By Wayne Nelson

Listed here are the wartime diaries of Wayne Nelson, an OSS officer who served in North Africa and Europe in the course of global warfare II. A prewar colleague of Allan Dulles, Nelson joined an baby OSS after failing to affix the army due to a imaginative and prescient incapacity, and he went directly to serve in North Africa, Sicily, Sardinia, Italy, Corsica, and mainland France. Erudite and a talented author, Nelson captured fascinating observations approximately essentially the most vital undercover agent operations of the battle, and his diaries supply an exhilarating, readable and informative glimpse into the lifetime of a secret agent in the course of international battle II.

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We were just finishing dinner when the guns began to pop. There had been no alert, or, if there had, we had not heard it. We went up to the roof to watch. It was a heavier raid than usual and there were many cracks about Hitler and Goering providing the “floor show” for my birthday. We saw a couple of planes go down in spiralling paths of flame. Planes were coming over the hill near the house and fragments were falling around. I got one that landed near me for a souvenir. A 20 mm. shell hit the side of the house and knocked off a good bit of the tile above the window.

No one can understand what the Italian barge master is saying, so one of our men translates — a four-way job from the older Vierin, then to Joe and then 3. La Maddalena 39 to me and finally to Sinclair. Then we clear the nets and head east for nine miles. We run through two heavy squalls. Joe gets seasick and throws up. I’m not nauseous, but when a bunch of the Mediterranean slaps me in the face and I swallow a couple of mouths full of seawater, I came close. The boat hops around like a rough airplane ride — only this is continuous, not intermittent, hopping.

There also are three lumps of sugar and bouillon, coffee, lemon powder or cocoa. Included are four cigarettes and a stick of chewing gum and with each one is a bar of chocolate, fruit or malted milk and dextrose tablets. I made up a parody after three days when the facilities would not work and we had to get water from three miles away, even to wash. ” I’m dreaming of a white bathroom Just like the ones we used to know, Where the fixtures glisten, And nothin’s missin,’ No matter when you have to go.

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