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By Jasper Griffin

This useful consultant to The Odyssey introduces scholars to a textual content which has been primary to literature for almost 3,000 years. delivering a precis of the poem and analyzing its constitution, Jasper Griffin in actual fact outlines the team spirit, values and methods of the poem, in addition to the explanations for its longstanding allure. scholars will observe the basic topics of loyalty and betrayal, and should be guided during the narrative of Odysseus' adventures, as well as a useful advisor to extra examining. First variation Hb (1987): 0-521-32804-7 First variation Pb (1987): 0-521-31043-1

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Odysseus reveals himself to his son and impresses on him the need for self-control in the struggle with the Suitors. The ambush ship returns; the Suitors hold an inconclusive debate on what to do next. Book 17 Telemachus returns to his house and encounters Penelope. Eumaeus brings Odysseus to the house. They meet the wicked goatherd Melanthius, who serves and supports the Suitors: he insults Odysseus. As they approach the house, the old dog Argus recognises his master and dies. Odysseus begs for food from the Suitors.

The disloyal maidservant Melantho insults him; he has the best of an exchange of insults with Eurymachus, a leading Suitor, who throws a footstool at him but misses. Book 19 Odysseus and Telemachus remove the weapons from the hall: Athena lights their way. Melantho insults Odysseus again. Odysseus and Penelope begin a lengthy conversation. He convinces her that he entertained Odysseus years ago and tells her that he is now not far away, on his way home, but she will not be convinced. The old nurse Eurycleia washes his feet and recognises him by a scar as Odysseus.

A closer translation would run something like this: He knew me at once, when his eyes beheld me, and with a groan he spoke to me winged words: ‘Zeus-born son of Laertes, Odysseus of many plans, o luckless man . . ’ The whole stylistic level of Rieu is completely different, and the sense of formality of utterance is lost. A translation which preserves more of the manner and level of the original is the tactful one of Walter Shewring, who includes a thoughtful essay on the problems of translating Homer.

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