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By Eunsun Kim

Eunsun Kim was once born in North Korea, essentially the most secretive and oppressive international locations within the smooth international. As a baby Eunsun enjoyed her country...despite her university box journeys to public executions, day-by-day self-criticism classes, and the expanding gnaw of starvation because the country-wide famine escalated.

By the time she was once 11 years previous, Eunsun's father and grandparents had died of hunger, and Eunsun was once at risk of an identical. ultimately, her mom determined to flee North Korea with Eunsun and her sister, no longer realizing that they have been embarking on a trip that may take them 9 lengthy years to accomplish. earlier than ultimately achieving South Korea and freedom, Eunsun and her relatives may stay homeless, fall into the arms of chinese language human traffickers, live on a North Korean exertions camp, and go the deserts of Mongolia on foot.

Now, Eunsun is sharing her striking tale to provide voice to the tens of thousands of North Koreans nonetheless anguish in silence. advised with grace and braveness, her memoir is a riveting exposé of North Korea's totalitarian regime and, eventually, a testomony to the power and resilience of the human spirit.

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In my classroom, at the end of each day, each person had to confess his or her misdeeds in front of the entire class. ” I grumbled to myself. ” my teacher sharply rebuked me, when she called me over after a classmate denounced me. The next day, I reluctantly had to do my self-criticism. As soon as I finished, as payback I denounced the behavior of the classmate who had sold me out. To be honest, I felt a sense of sadistic pleasure in getting revenge because I was jealous of this girl. Her dad worked in the same factory as mine, but since he was ranked one level higher than my father, her family received better provisions than mine did.

Along the border between North Korea and South Korea, the world’s most heavily militarized border, watchtowers and mines form an impenetrable wall: no messages can reach North Korea except for a few pamphlets denouncing the Kim regime’s crimes, sent over the heavily fortified border by balloon. ” Such is the name given to the barbed barrier that still separates the two sides of the Korean peninsula. * * * Like everyone else, on the day after Kim Il-sung’s death, I was devastated. In the early morning, my mother sent Keumsun and me to the mountains to collect flowers in Kim Il-sung’s honor.

I slumped onto the hard, frozen ground as the darkness of the night started to swallow me. I no longer had the strength to continue on. My mom had left me. My body remained completely still as I heard footsteps echoing from the staircase. On that cold December night in 1997, when I was eleven years old, I knew that I was going to die before even reaching adolescence. Suddenly, a muffled sound reached my ears. Was I dreaming? Or was I having a nightmare? I half opened one of my eyes. A dark silhouette appeared before me, its shadow growing larger and larger.

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