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By Brij V Lal

This choice of the writings and speeches of 1 of Fiji's maximum statesmen, the past due Mr advert Patel, issues to another destiny which, if allowed to come back to fruition, may have spared Fiji the destiny it later encountered in its postcolonial trip. As a pacesetter, Mr Patel used to be unmatchable in mind and oratorical brilliance, glimpses of which we see during this quantity. Dr Lal merits to be congratulated for his persistence and perseverance in finishing this venture. This e-book will locate an honoured position between others on Fiji's advanced and contested sleek background. Harish Sharma Former chief of the nationwide Federation celebration and Deputy major Minister of Fiji** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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20 We have elected to be satisfied with occupying the position of the tenant of the Fijian in this Colony and all that we have been asking for is security of tenure. Indians have never stated that we must take away the lands from the Fijians. We ourselves have advocated the principle that the interests of the Fijians must always remain paramount in this Colony, that where those interests come into conflict with our interests, we readily agree to make our interests subservient to theirs. Thank goodness our hands are clean, they are not stained with the blood of any race.

Their constituents have time and often denounced them and their policy. In making the statements referred to, they have not consulted their constituents and deliberately with a set purpose have elected to grossly misrepresent the views of their constituents in order to serve their own personal ends. The term of the present Legislature is now about to expire. It is a foregone conclusion that they will not be returned to the Council at the next election. The introduction of a system of nomination is their only hope of ensuring their seats in the Council.

The change suggested by Your Excellency in our opinion is not in the best interest of our community. It has been the sad experience of the community that the interest and welfare of Indians in this Colony has been the last concern of the Government of Fiji. Our experience and knowledge of the type of Indians nominated by the Government to fill the positions in different local bodies, and in the Legislative Council of this Colony in the past, give us strong reasons to believe that the people nominated by the Government will be on the whole the people who will be acquiescent to Legislative and Executive measures irrespective of whether they will be in the interest or against the interest of the community.

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