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How do joints paintings? How do experience receptors paintings? What form of character do you may have? study the solutions to those questions and extra with the joys experiments during this ebook. younger scientists will discover human physique structures and behaviour. Many experiments comprise principles you should use in your technology reasonable. know about the clinical technique, too!

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At the same time, you can see the tendons that connect this muscle to the fingers moving beneath the skin on your forearm. Can you find the muscles that extend and flex your thumbs? Can you see the movement of the tendons that connect these muscles to the thumbs? FIGURE 11: These muscles have opposite effects on the motion of the humerus. The deltoids (there is also one in the rear that has its origin on the scapula) lift the humerus. The pectoralis lowers the humerus. FIGURE 12: Opposing muscles extend (a) and flex (b) the fingers of the right hand.

Why does it happen? What happens when you release the diaphragm? Why does it happen? FIGURE 16: You can make a model that shows how we breathe. The words in the parentheses show what various pieces of the model represent. Science Fair Project Ideas Build a better model that includes two lungs and both a diaphragm and the ribs that move up and out during inhalation. Find out what happens to the lungs when the chest cavity is opened during open-heart surgery. WHAT HAPPENS TO THE FOOD WE EAT? Most of the energy stored in food would be of no value were it not digested.

Vinegar is an acid. It will slowly dissolve the minerals in bone. These minerals constitute about two thirds of a bone’s weight. Organic matter—bone and cartilage and blood vessel cells—make up the remaining third. After several days, remove the bone from the jar. How does its flexibility compare with that of the dry bones you left beside the jar? The soft, flexible, plasticlike material that remains after the minerals have been removed would eventually decay if buried in soil. Under proper conditions, the mineral or hard part of the whole bone would be preserved and form a fossil.

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