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Memoirs of a WWII Fighter Pilot

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On the day that I found out bombs didn't always drop where intended, we were sent to bomb a small bridge north and west of our landfall. P. until we had made our run and had dropped our bombs. Or so we thought. As we formed back up (there were only four of us in the flight) I checked the other ships and got a great shock. Number three in my flight had his bomb hanging down beneath his wing by the after-shackle. It hadn't come off. When you are the pilot, you cannot see your bomb beneath the center section of your wing, and this kid didn't know it was there.

1 never saw Dick again. He survived the war, went back to Grand Island and took over the dealership. We sent Xmas cards back and forth for many years until he died of cancer at an early age. He always commented on his card about our swap of rides. He was a good friend and a fine man. ) Ju E 10, 1944 - A BAD DAY AT PLOESTI Almost any veteran who spent time in combat, whether on the ground, at sea or in the air, will tell you that there was one week or day or even an hour that will be forever engraved in his memory.

S plane. He was standing by his plane with his back to us and when we pulled up he turned and glared at me. " he yelled. J wondered what he was so pissed about and started to answer him when I took a good look. His flight suite was wet from his crotch to his knees. It only took a minute to figure out his problem and [ started to laugh. [t seems that at the moment I called the break he had just commenced relieving himself into the relief tube. He had to turn loose of everything to grab the wheel with predictable results.

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