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The viral antiserum is layered over the infected cells, the excess washed off and the anti-viral serum antiserum is added. After washing, the cells are viewed under ultra-violet light as before and fluorescence 44 AN INTRODUCTION TO GENERAL VIROLOGY is seen. In this case the conjugated serum combines with the viral antiserum which is itself combined with the viral antigens in the cell. S9 combined the use of the direct staining technique with conventional histological staining, electron microscopy and acridene orange staining (with previous nuclease digestion to measure RNA and DNA synthesis).

24 All of these cells are grown in bottles. They can be removed from the glass and dispersed into single cell suspensions by incubation with trypsin or versene for 10-30 minutes. 1) and seeded into tubes, plates and bottles. After seven days the bottles can be used to prepare a new batch of cultures. Both L cells and HeLa cells have been maintained continuously in some laboratories since 1943 and 1951 respectively. Puck et al. 25 These clones are extremely useful because their growth characters and susceptibility to viral infection are stable.

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