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A million issues: historic historical past is a surprising express and inform adventure. become aware of the evening sky to profit approximately Mayan gods and ideology, or barter for unique spices and perfumes within the alternate that equipped Arabian towns. See the 1st chinese language Emperor's terra cotta military again to its multicolored attractiveness, or learn a trip consultant to the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations to determine which historical Mediterranean vacation spot is better for you.

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Later, the Nubian civilizations would gain the upper hand, ruling Egypt briefly in the first millennium bce, and even outlasting their more famous rival. NUBIA These Nubian megaliths may be one of the world’s earliest astronomical devices 37 . EGYPTIAN RESURGENCE . KUSH Like the early ancient Egyptians, the Nubians of Kush buried their rulers in pyramids Meroe became a powerful center of trade in the late first millennium BCE, when it launched raids deep into Egypt. However, it went into decline from around 200 CE onward and eventually collapsed in 350 CE following an attack by the southern kingdom of Axum in present-day Ethiopia.

The first was Aeschylus (525–456 BCE), who fought against the Persians at the Battle of Marathon and would later write a play, The Persians, about the defeat of the Persian army. Euripides wrote more than 90 plays, but only 18 have survived Known as the “father of tragedy,” Aeschylus wrote plays that are still performed today d PHILOSOPHY—PLATO d PHILOSOPHY—ARISTOTLE d MATH—PYTHAGORAS Most of what we know about Socrates comes from the works of one of his students, Plato (428–348 BCE). Plato was also a great philosopher in his own right.

As Rome began to expand in the sixth century BCE, the kings began to act in an increasingly independent way. When King Tarquin the Proud (ruled 535–509 BCE) ignored the advice of the Senate, he was overthrown, and Rome became a republic. BCE First villages in Tiber Valley 753 BCE Legendary foundation of Rome 509 BCE Last king is overthrown; Rome becomes a republic 264–146 BCE Rome defeats Carthage in Punic wars and takes control of North Africa 49 BCE Julius Caesar is declared dictator of Rome 44 BCE Julius Caesar is assassinated, leading to civil war 27 BCE Octavian becomes the first emperor of the Roman Empire; changes his name to Augustus 43 CE Rome invades Britain 79 CE Vesuvius erupts, destroying Pompeii 98–117 CE Emperor Trajan builds the empire up to its greatest extent 122–123 CE Hadrian’s Wall is built 391 CE Christianity becomes official religion in Rome 410 CE Rome sacked by Alaric and the Goths 476 CE The Western Roman Empire comes to an end 1453 CE The fall of Constantinople brings the Eastern Roman Empire to an end A statue depicting the she-wolf with the twins, Romulus and Remus 56 .

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