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By Kenneth F. Kiple

This can be an engrossing research of black affliction immunities and susceptibilities and their influence on either slavery and racism. Its pages interweave the dietary, organic, and clinical sciences with demography. The ebook starts with an exam of the pre-slavery period in Africa after which pursues its topic into the slave societies of the West Indies and the us. This really interdisciplinary strategy allows the mixing of 2 precise thoughts of racial modifications, that of the challenging sciences in accordance with gene frequencies and that of the social sciences stressing environmental components. The authors examine black wellbeing and fitness and white clinical perform within the usa in the course of the antebellum interval, and determine a hyperlink among black-related ailments and white racism. a last part strains significant black ailment susceptibilities from the Civil struggle to the current, arguing that different dietary and scientific wishes of blacks are nonetheless principally unappreciated or overlooked.

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