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A short time later, Anthony wrote to Washington. He asked the general to put him The War Turns in command of a corps of light infantry. Washington liked the suggestion, and in June, he sent for Anthony and began choosing men for the corps. The men came from every state. They were veterans of many battles with the British. Sir Henry Clinton commanded the British troops in New York. In late May 1779, he sailed up the Hudson River with a large force of soldiers. On June 6 they captured two American forts.

In it, André poked fun at Anthony and belittled the cause of the Americans. Anthony was able to see the defenses at Stony Point. Washington wanted to get Anthony’s opinion about the possibility of storming the fort. The fort was so well protected that Anthony advised against an attack. But Washington wanted to try. They decided that a nighttime assault would offer the best chance for victory. Washington gave Anthony his plan for the attack on July 10. They The War Turns were very careful to keep the details secret.

This map shows the Northwest Territory in 1787. Congress passed the Northwest Ordinance that year. This created the process by which territories could become states. The ordinance also pledged good faith toward the Indians and their land. 5 War on the Frontier A nthony Wayne retired from the army in 1783. He wanted to stay in Georgia and manage the rice plantation granted to him by the Georgia legislature, but he didn’t have enough money to operate the farm. So Anthony eventually sold it and returned to Pennsylvania.

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