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By Lucius Annaeus Seneca

This publication used to be switched over from its actual version to the electronic layout via a group of volunteers. you could locate it at no cost on the net. buy of the Kindle variation contains instant supply.

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Thus, we have an ironic reality. The person who is not armed with a deadly weapon will very likely have to kill or cripple a determined attacker to defeat the threat. By contrast, the person who is armed with a deadly weapon is hugely more likely to be able to end the threat with no physical injury on either side, due to the tremendous deterrent effect offered by their legally carried firearm. QUESTION “You don’t have any right to carry guns anyway! ” The Bill of Rights was framed shortly after the American Revolution.

When asked about self-protection, opponents of gun ownership rights will typically suggest pepper spray or an unarmed combat class. Let’s look at how well that has worked on the street for police, who have the strongest pepper spray and some of the best unarmed combat training. While pepper spray certainly has its place at the lower levels of the force continuum, it has never been seriously put forth by police or other protection professionals as adequate for dealing with an armed antagonist. In fact, law enforcement history is rife with criminals so violent that pepper spray had no effect on them, and they did not stop their violent aggression after being sprayed until after officers had been forced to shoot them, or strike them with batons so many times that they had been permanently injured.

Those persons who have accepted the responsibility for their safety and the safety of those who count on them can only stand prepared to defend, not only innocent lives, but the very practice of carrying weapons to fulfill those responsibilities. Spent casings are inches apart from ex-SWAT cop Steve Denney’s new SIG P250 9mm as he tests it with a fast double tap. Bonus: Massad Ayoob and Concealed Carry By Steve Denney, Firearms and Defensive Tactics Instructor I’ve been carrying concealed firearms since 1968, which was my first year as a sworn law enforcement officer.

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