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By J. S. Milne

This booklet, meant for examine mathematicians, proves the duality theorems that experience come to play an more and more vital position in quantity concept and mathematics geometry, for instance, within the evidence of Fermat's final Theorem.

Reviews of the 1st variation The booklet offers with duality theorems in Galois, étale and flat cohomology, for neighborhood and worldwide fields, in addition to the corresponding jewelry of integers. additionally lined are effects approximately cohomological size, finiteness and Euler-Poincaré features. it could actually function a very good basic reference for those questions. Mathematical studies, Gerd Faltings.

… even if, a lot of this paintings [by Tate, Artin, Verdier, and others] was once by no means released in information. the most function of the ebook less than evaluation is to provide a selfcontained and systematic therapy of those advancements. Zentralblatt MATH, L. Badescu.

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T /. K/. M; C / and the exponential sequence 0 ! Z ! C ! C ! 0. ] Reference: Kottwitz 1984. 21 Let K be a 2-local field of characteristic zero such that K1 has characteristic p ¤ 0. G; p n ˝ p n / ! Z=p n Z (Kato 1979, 5, Thm 1); 40 CHAPTER I. GALOIS COHOMOLOGY (b) if K contains a primitive p th root of 1, then the cup-product pairing is a nondegenerate pairing of finite groups (ibid. 6). k/. C 1 r r ! ˝K=k;d D0 ' Milne 1976). d // ! d r// ! d // ' Z=pZ are nondegenerate in the sense that their left and right kernels are zero.

A; Gm /. F; At / ! A; Gm /; all r 0: 41 3. ABELIAN VARIETIES OVER LOCAL FIELDS P ROOF. A; Gm / D 0 because all maps from a projective variety to an affine variety are constant. F; At / ! K/ when K has characteristic zero, and the Ext group therefore acquires a topology from that on K. K; A/ ! K; Gm / ! 6b). A; Gm / ! K; A/ . A; Gm / ! A; Gm / ! K; A/ are both zero. We first need a lemma. A/ : P ROOF. The existence of the subgroup follows from the theory of the logarithm (see Mattuck 1955 or Tate 1967b, p168–169), and the remaining statements are obvious.

In contrast, when the characteristic of K is p ¤ 0, there are Pptn many subgroups Qof finite index in K that are not closed. In fact (see Weil 1967, II 3, Q 10), 1 C m Zp (product of countably many copies of Zp /, and a proper subgroup of Zp containing ˚Zp cannot be closed. 27 2. LOCAL FIELDS The ^ can be omitted if M is finite. K/. P ROOF. We begin with the finiteness statements. K/, the cohomology sequence of the Kummer sequence 0! K s n / ! Ks ! Ks ! K/ 0 K =K 1 n 1 n Z=Z 2 0 3: In particular, they are all finite.

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