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Five-time Mr. Universe, seven-time Mr. Olympia, and Mr. international, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the identify in bodybuilding. this is his vintage bestselling autobiography, and is the reason how the "Austrian Oak" got here to the game of bodybuilding and aspired to be the big name he has turn into. "I nonetheless do not forget that first stopover at to the bodybuilding health club. I had by no means visible an individual lifting weights earlier than. these men have been large and brutal....The weight lifters shone with sweat; they have been robust having a look, Herculean. And there it was once prior to me -- my lifestyles, the reply i might been looking. It clicked. It was once anything I all of sudden simply looked as if it would succeed in out and locate, as though i might been crossing a suspended bridge and eventually stepped off onto stable ground." Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold stocks his health and coaching secrets and techniques -- demonstrating with a accomplished step by step application and nutritional tricks how you can use bodybuilding for greater overall healthiness. His application encompasses a detailed four-day routine of particular routines to enhance person muscular tissues -- each one workout illustrated with images of Arnold in motion. For enthusiasts and would-be bodybuilders, this can be Arnold in his personal phrases.

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Good early training shows up in the muscles around the spine. There is really no exercise for those muscles; their development is just an indication that you have p u t in some heavy ground work, heavy squats and heavy dead lifts, a lot of lifting and row- Chapter Four 61 ing. I had done these exercises from the start. I developed strong basic muscles which gave me the powerful look people wanted to see. Reg Park had b e e n a powerlifter; he had done squats with 600 pounds, bench presses with 500 pounds, and dead lifts of over 700 pounds.

I wrote them on note cards and stuck the cards around my mirror where I couldn't avoid seeing them. Triceps were the first I noted down. I had done the same amount of biceps and triceps exercises; my biceps grew instantly, but my triceps lagged behind. There was no reason for it. I had put as much effort into my triceps but they refused to respond. T h e same with my legs. Although I was doing a lot of squats, my legs didn't grow as rapidly as my chest. And my shoulders didn't improve as much as my back.

And he said it was all the more reason to put together a dynamic posing routine, using music. I was totally confused by his suggestion that I pose to music. I didn't have an ear for music, and I didn't like the semi-classical stuff he said I ought to use. At the time, I thought anything old or classical was boring, a waste of time. I liked up-to-date music, something popular, with a beat, something that moved. He explained that for the purpose of the exhibition I had to use more complex music which had depth and texture.

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