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By Albert Uderzo

When an individual leaves a bit boy in a basket outdoor Asterix and Obelix’s hut, it’s Gauls and a toddler! even though Asterix and Obelix have extra event whopping legionnaires than diapering babies, they do their top. additionally new to childcare: the sneaky Prefect of Gaul, Crismus Cactus, who’s masquerading as a nursemaid. Why do the Romans wish this child? And, what plot is the treacherous Brutus hatching opposed to Caesar? Asterix needs to discover.

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I must find Flora! Balthazar! Eek! Grrrr! The Gloomies again! I’ll protect you, Myriade! Stop! Flora is down there all alone! Hurry! 40 If anything bad happens to Flora, I'll never forgive Anatole! Flora! Hold on! Argh!! Nyaaaah! Oh, no . . Nyaaaarkk! Leave them alone! 41 Aaahhh! Who’s next? 42 Little Prince, you’re my hero! Let’s go find your book, Myriade. How? Books are scattered everywhere! didn't you say your book smells like chocolate? If we split up, I’m sure we can find her book! Yes--but I don’t see how that’ll help.

Hsss . . He’s on Balthazar’s ssside... He doesn’t want Flora to be with you. Anatole, the Snake is evil! He's not really interested in you... He's using you to destroy your own world. Don’t believe him. 28 That's enough! You’re too young to give me advice! But. . We’re done talking! Get out of here--now! It’s been a pleasure, Little Prince . . Sssee you very sssoon! You haven’t won yet, Snake! What was that horrible Snake? What is he doing here? He is an evil being, Myriade. His only goal is to destroy every planet he finds.

It's time for them to find out how far I’ll go! I'll take that! Please, I beg you! No! Give it back! 37 What are you doing? Stop! Give us back our books, Anatole! So you were behind all this. Hypocrite! Leave me alone! You don't understand anything! Give up, Anatole! You’re all alone--you can’t win! What. . Nyark nyark nyark! Aaah! Help! Let go! 38 I’ll beat you yet, Balthazar! Nyark! What? Let go! What's happening, Little Prince? It looks as if Anatole has fallen completely under the Snake’s control .

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