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Madness, rivalry. oblique. [Z]< c:/batcountry madness; another place. FLWR->-* needs water. m3o moves regardless, and it's all things everywhere. [Z]< choko+++++ ++++++ &it's all and a heaven, pays to; a castle, bells ringing. +++++++ +++ [W]< #hashtag; madness, rivalry; sensations, fields, mountains, valleys, water. oblique. another place ~ sex and ++++++ [V]< #my dice rolls 16, volcano stones; glasses & fullsick, nausea, too many weapons, zig-zags; tv remote. color-palette, colour palette, ++++++++++++++++ f:/labyrinth; oblique.

I don’t want to see feer! ’ ‘oh! ’ the [Z]< didn’t move. ’ ‘I dunno, he keeps switching off. and on. ’ ‘ok, so all_meaning exists? meaning_noodles >noodles. ’ ‘this kind of makes sense. he keeps creating static. it’s overpowering. and the console. v. meaning/Delilah/ ;/home/hiddenfiles/++91/ > [Z]< is dicking with 1 battery and accidentally ruins it. m3o.. ’ [Z]< is confused. ’ ++ +++ [Z]>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>: >>/Z/ is anything going to happen?

CHOKO #[Z]< #gum #surrealism #CHOKO++++ #boddah #cool #timepasses #untitled #rest #aliens invade!!! #frog/bug #atom furnace #free fall #trance #e-sides #0-16 #iosaf #vlpyn #KP #KLKL #kramer lives! kramer loves! flower >kaleidoscopes >meta, more, psy, see; >1, 2 [Z]< c:/dry scalp ultimate beauty, watch forever, 1; free licence, two-step-procedure to fix-your-life, #hashtag. c:/pizza +++ c:/rebellion [Z]< [ ]< pizza, pepsi, pepsi max, on the road, the tibetan book of living and dying, secret places, 32, 4, magic, boddah's cool, toe-sculptures, pizza, labyrinth, trance, house of leaves; black and white edition, published 2000; full colour edition, no publish date; water, smellovision, pizza, nameless protagonist.

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