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By Shirley A. Bayer, Joseph Altman

The second one quantity within the Atlas of Human primary worried process improvement sequence, The Human mind in the course of the 3rd Trimester presents new information regarding immature positive aspects of the perinatal mind that experience by no means prior to been pointed out. without different atlas on hand at the improvement of the human mind throughout the 3rd trimester, this quantity fills a wide void within the present literature. This simple survey of the complicated structural procedures that happen in the course of human CNS improvement promises a visible list of approximately each constitution within the mind in the course of the 3rd trimester.

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Meyer's loop (visual radiation) r su m Hilus nu e ay l la a r l r r l a ye la St ratu m d St r a t u m ra r ye Subgranular zone Fimbria Lateral migratory stream S i c u la raf Pa Lateral geniculate body Zona incerta Ventral tegmental area Internal capsule e gyrus te Oculomotor nuclear complex (III) Ventral posteromedial nucleus G r aecu M ol Ammon's ho r eus R ULA TRIC IVEN LEX PER CO M P Presubic ul le nc du pe ulum bic Su r n u cl P CA1 HIPPOCAMPUS um Alvear glioepithelium CA3 Centromedian nucleus Habenulointerpeduncular tract Interpeduncular nucleus al br re Temporal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Subgranular zone Red nucleus Ventroposterolateral nucleus Ventral medial nucleus Medial longitudinal fasciculus MIDBRAIN Ce CA3 Third ventricle a sc M X SUBTHALAMUS Pa Habenulointerpeduncular tract psule nal ca Exter en Putam CO LE ra AL Medial habenular nucleus Tegmentum n Layer I Ventral lateral nucleus rus Insular gy TR Fornical glioepithelium EX PL M CO Temporal stratified transitional field Dorsomedial Nucleus Choroid plexus CEN BELT Posterior striatal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone THALAMUS L RA NT VE RETIC ULA R BASAL GANGLIA Cortical plate Stria medullaris DORSAL COMPLEX Lateral habenular nucleus Lateral migratory stream White matter Stria terminalis Dorsolateral nucleus Callosal sling Lateral fissure Caudate nucleus (tail) Py r Posterior striatal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Cingulate gyrus Paracentral lobule ar Paracentral stratified transitional field Germinal and transitional structures in italics Interhemispheric fissure Fornical glioepithelium Middle cerebellar peduncle Pontocerebellar fibers Pontocerebellar fibers (decussation) 50 PLATE 38A GW37 Coronal CR 350 mm, Y217-65 Level 12: Section 1021 See the entire section in Plate 12 12.

For detail, see Plate 28. See Plate 28 33 PLATE 28 PARIETAL CORTEX I I Latest arriving cells II II III III IV IV V V VI VI White matter VII VII 34 PLATE 29 See Plate 30 GW37 Coronal CR 350 mm Y217-65 Near Level 21: Section 1751 STRIATE/PERISTRIATE CORTICAL TRANSITION AREA Band of Gennari 35 PLATE 30 STRIATE CORTEX Latest arriving cells Band of Gennari PERISTRIATE CORTEX I II I III II IVa III IVb IV IVc V Dense cell accumulations V VI VI VII VII White matter 36 PLATE 31A GW37 Coronal CR 350 mm Y217-65 Level 5: Section 611 See the entire section in Plate 5.

Interhemispheric fissure Superior parietal lobule Layer I Cortical plate Angular gyrus Supramarginal gyrus 12 1 3 Choroid plexus Middle temporal gyrus Inferior temporal gyrus Lateral ventricle 8 4 7 6 Corpus callosum Primary visual cortex Cuneus 9 um l l re be re isphe e C m 10 He 9 Precuneus Cingulate gyrus (retrosplenial area) 5 Lingula? Damaged areas in section Precuneus 2 Parietal lobe Occipital lobe Vermis Temporal lobe De ep nu cle i Vermis Floccular peduncle Fourth ventricle 11 Medulla Choroid plexus Cuneate nucleus Spinal nucleus (V) Pyramidal decussation Middle and inferior cerebellar peduncles White matter 24 PLATE 19 GW37 Coronal CR 350 mm Y217-65 Level 19: Section 1501 Remnants of the germinal matrix, migratory streams, and transitional fields 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Parietal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Parietal stratified transitional field Occipital neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Occipital stratified transitional field Temporal neuroepithelium and subventricular zone Temporal stratified transitional field External germinal layer (cerebellum) Subpial granular layer (cortical) See detail of cerebellum in Plates 45A and B.

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