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By David Alsobrook

Jesus and Paul exhorted us to get up. This message exhibits how one can wake up, Scripture proofs. you will adore this booklet that has been learn by means of millions across the world.

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Keep your ship attractive, for then capable men will join you, and it will be well manned. Be sure to have your ship ready when summer begins, and do your traveling while the season is best. ” The father continues: “Whenever you travel at sea, keep on board two or three hundred ells” - since an ell then measured over eighteen inches, this meant about 330 to 500 feet - “of wool of a sort suitable for mending sails, if that should be necessary, a large number of needles, and a supply of thread and cord.

When properly propitiated, Aegir could offer up the riches of the sea. But when angered, he could make even the stoutest Viking quail. In Fridthjofs Saga, it was suggested that the prudent sailor always should carry a piece of gold, so that if caught in a storm he would not be empty-handed when he drowned and came into the presence of Aegir’s wife. He could cross her palm with gold, thus assuring his entrance into Valhalla. A good captain was supposed to see to it that all his men had this gift of gold - even if it meant distributing it from his own purse.

King Olaf, unaware of this crucial flaw, was admiring the sleek, towering lines of the huge warship as she stood in the stocks. And everyone said that never was seen so large and so beautiful a ship of war. Thorberg said not a word. The next morning, the king came to take another look at his masterpiece and fell into one of the flaming rages for which he was so well known. During the night, someone had gone up and down one side of the ship, cutting deep notches in all the planks. The masterpiece was ruined, raged Olaf.

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