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3 million Armenians are widely scattered outside the borders of the Republic of Armenia as a result of a centuries-long diaspora and step-by-step reduction of their national territory. In contrast, the great majority of the world's Georgian population lives in the Republic of Georgia (together with ethnic minorities constituting about 30 percent of the republic's population), after having experienced centuries of foreign domination but little forcible alteration of national boundaries. The starting points and the outside influences that formed the three cultures also were quite different.

Early in 1992, however, the violent eviction of Gamsakhurdia from the presidency added another opponent of Georgian unity as the exiled Gamsakhurdia gathered his forces across the border. In mid-1992 Georgian paramilitary troops entered the Abkhazian Autonomous Republic of Georgia, beginning a new conflict that in 1993 threatened to break apart the country. When Georgian troops were driven from Abkhazia in September 1993, Georgia's President Eduard Shevardnadze was able to gain Russian military aid to prevent the collapse of the country.

C. Romans conquer Armenian Empire. D. 100-300 Romans annex Azerbaijan and name it Albania. ca. 310 Tiridates III accepts Christianity for the Armenian people. 330 King Marian III of Kartli-Iberia accepts Christianity for the Georgian people. FIFTH-SEVENTH CENTURIES First golden age of Armenian culture. ca. 600 Four centuries of Arab control of Azerbaijan begin, introducing Islam in seventh century. 645 Arabs capture Tbilisi. 653 Byzantine Empire cedes Armenia to Arabs. NINTH-TENTH CENTURIES 806 Arabs install Bagratid family to govern Armenia.

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