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Young players should master two basic shots: the layup and the jump shot. The layup is the Page 15 easiest shot to make. It is made from close alongside the basket and is nearly always banked in, or bounced, off the backboard. All players should be able to make a layup from either side of the basket and with either hand. The shot is made with one hand as the player jumps toward the basket. A player going in for a layup from the right side will push off with her left foot and take the shot with her right hand.

8, 29, 39; © Icon SMI: pp. 13, 18 (both), 21; Allsport: pp. 15 (© Otto Greule), 31 (© Todd Warshaw); © WNBA Enterprises, LLC/Bill Baptist: pp. 25, 35; © SportsChrome USA/Steve Woltman: pp. 26, 40 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Roberts, Robin, 1960- Basketball the right way. cm.  With Robin Roberts) Includes index. Summary: Discusses the fundamental skills of basketballdribbling, passing, shooting, and rebounding; understanding the team concept; dealing with difficult situations; and more.

It is something no player ever forgets.  Imagine the success of a whole team made up of good losers and winners! Page 44 How you win, however, shows not only the kind of player you are but also the kind of person you are. The trash-talking player who is constantly playing ''in-your-face" games with her opponents and then has a we're the greatest and I-told-you-so attitude when her team wins is not a good winner. A bad winner is no better than a sore loser. If you gloat over a victory, your opponents will not only lose respect for you, but they also will play harder to beat you the next time.

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