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By Benjamin R. Foster

2-volume set. includes annotated translations of over three hundred Babylonian and Assyrian literary compositions. between those works are compositions differently unavailable in English, formerly unpublished, or incorporating newly stumbled on fragments. one of the compositions incorporated are: Epic of production; Descent of Ishtar to the Netherworld; Atrahasis; Tukulti-Ninurta Epic; Adapa and the South Wind; Adapa and Enmerkar; Etana; Anzu; The Babylonian Theodicy; The discussion of Pessimism; The beginning Legend of Sargon of Akkad; The Gilgamesh Letter; discussion among a guy and His God; The Poem of the Righteous patient; A Sufferer's Salvation; knowledge of Ugarit; Sumero-Akkadian knowledge and Proverbs; Proverbs from Letters; Pious pupil; The Netherworld imaginative and prescient of an Assyrian Prince; Agushaya Poem; Sargon King of conflict; The Cuthaean Legend of Naram-Sin; Nergal and Eresh-kigal; Shulgi Prophecy; Agum-kakrime and the go back of Marduk; Nebuchadnezzar and Marduk; Marduk Prophecy; Antiochus Soter to Nabu; recommendation to a Prince; The King of Justice; In compliment of Babylon; Erra and Ishum; The terrible guy of Nippur; Lament for Tammuz; To Calm a child; To Recapture a Runaway Slave; To safe Brisk exchange at a Tavern; Love Lyrics of Nabu and Tashmetu; Elegy for a lady lifeless in Childbirth; Incantations opposed to ailment; Acrostic Hymn to Marduk; Prayers for Kings and Gods.

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Seize (them)3 and send (them) down to the Land of No Return! May I, your servant, live in well-being, Let me be purified* [in] your name from witchcraft, Let me libate cool water in your drinking pipe,1 Revive me, let me sound your praises! 563 ( 1 S) Text: Ebeling, KAR 227, rev. iii 8-24; Ebeling-Kocher-Rost, LKA 89, rev. right, 3-7. Edition: Ebeling, TuL, 13 1-132. ,. Literature: Mayer, UFBG, efemmii kimtija I. *Notes to Texl: (I) Reading von Soden, ZA 43 (1944)~266; translation uncertain. " (IS) Seux, Hymnes, 432 note 9, following Mullo Weir, reads "let me invoke your name," but this does not accord well with LKU 89, rev.

See Deller, Nabu 1991/18). I. 2. 555 (1) (5) (10) (1S) Text: King, BMS $3; Ebeling, KAR 267, rev. 1-24. Edition: Ebeling, TuL, 140-142. Translation: von Soden, SAHG, 340-342 no. 67; Seux, Hymnes, 416-418. *Notes to Text: (34) von Soden, ZA 43 (1936). 269; AHw, 198a. Variant omits this line. Variant adds here a prayer to avert the evil portended by an eclipse; see p. 541 note 2. 3 . Variant omits. 4. 46b line 14. I. 2. 556 111. 38 TO ENLIL As chief god of the Sumerian pantheon, Enlil continued in Assyro-Babylonian tradition as one of the great gods.

I hand him over to an evil spirit,= a merciless demon, Let him be cut off from me, grant me life! Tear out the "evil gazer" who is present in my body, Let me sound your praises until the end point of these (my) days. Text: Kocher, BAM 339, 33'-42'. Edition: Farber, IJiar und D u m u z i , 190-192, lines 33-42. Translation: Farber, Iftar und Dumuzi, 191-193; Seux, Hymnes, Literature: Mayer, UFBG, Dumuzi ~ b . I. " 2. " I. 21 (1) (5) 440-441. T. Jacobsen, "Towards the Image ofTammuz," History ofReligions I (1961),189-213 = HSS (1970), 73-101.

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