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By S. S. Hanna

Past successful: Memoir of a Women's football trainer profiles the start of a small-college software in women's football. It additionally explores the rewards and tensions of the program's first season whereas commenting on very important matters in small-college activities and particularly women's activities.

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All seemed eager to play soccer. Two out of the eight new players had had serious club experience. This fact at once pleased me and made me nervous. I was Page 20 pleased that their experience would help us become a good team, but it would also lead them to compare my coaching with that of their previous, no doubt much better, coaches. In the classroom below my office, I introduced myself to all the players and assured them that I could play soccer, I could dribble and pass, shoot and head the soccer ball, and I knew all the fundamentals of the game, but I had not coached it.

That, of course, remained to be seen. " I asked. "Goalie and fullback," she said. " "That's right," one of the beginners said. " "Yes. " "Splendid," I said. "We'll be doing a lot of running in soccer. " I looked at Lori and glanced at the index card she had just completed. She listed her height as five feet, six inches and her weight as 170 pounds; she was an eighteen-year-old freshman from Pittsburgh majoring in elementary education. In my mind, I assigned Lori to a fullback spot or maybe even goalie, the two positions Amy had played.

She returned to her reading and I continued to watch the animals on television. Writing a first novel, I thought, is no problem, just as buying a lottery ticket is no problem, but getting that novel professionally published is, just as winning the lottery is. " "Oh, the metaphors of baseball! How wonderfully they speak to our follies and irrelevance," I said, and headed to the refrigerator for that late evening snack I had been trying to resist. '" The next day, thanks to word of mouth, posters, active recruiting, schedule clarification, or whatever, seventeen women stood inside and outside my office.

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