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By Binnie Klein

A provocative story of an not going contender and her midlife transformation via boxing.

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The door to John’s office was open. He was removing long yellow straps from the hands of a tall, handsome guy with rippling six-pack abs. This was it; I had stepped into the famous moment of films and anecdotes of men. A few elements were missing, of course. I was not a hungry inner-city youth looking for a way out. The room was not smoke-filled, and there were no beautiful dames hanging around. Instead, I was the one female, a decidedly unathletic one, who got the AARP bulletin. ” I tried to find a spot near the wall.

And we all got the AARP bulletin. ” Right on the front page. There they were, bedecked in boxing shorts and sport bras, their fists encased in leather boxing gloves, their expressions happy and strong. I scanned the text excitedly. These were local women I 31 who were working with a real boxer. His name was John. He was training them to box like he trained men. It wasn’t kickboxing, it wasn’t Tae-Bo; it was serious boxing. They said it was an intense workout and a lot of fun. I knew a little about it because I’d had an injury that led me to a physical therapist who let me put on some gloves.

I turned the bathroom fan off when I showered, letting the steam create a mercifully diffuse and hazy reflection in the mirror. While reaching for the toothpaste, I might glimpse just the delicate curve of an underarm, the slight indentation of a waist, and retain the sensuous image of an Impressionist painting. I looked at the article at least once every week, turning the stone, as if I were willing myself into the photographs, imagining myself standing tall and tough with the other women. There are many stones left unturned in the course of a lifetime, but there are also those you do pick up, peer at intently, caress, maybe even sniff a bit, the way animals and babies do, and then rub against the side of your face—just to see how they feel.

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