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By R. G. Allanson-Winn

Contents: Introductory. place. instantly Hitting. Guarding and Slipping. The Cross-Counter. Right-Handed Boxers. Timing or Countering. Feinting. In-Fighting, The Contracted-Arm, Upper-Cut and Cross-Buttock. a coarse and Tumble. risky Hits. A road struggle and los angeles Savate. undesirable Examples. Comparative advantage. guideline. education. Judging. workouts.

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Slipping” is particularly effective with a rusher, as there is always a chance of his stumbling over your left foot, which for a moment remains across his path. Ducking, which consists of slightly lowering the body and throwing the head forward or on one side, should be frequently practised, especially when boxing with a larger or stronger man, as it opens up excellent opportunities for hitting. The hit and the duck should be almost simultaneous. e. the avoidance of a blow without guarding; the first and last affording excellent chances of returning a hit with interest.

And then when your burly antagonist gets a bit puffed by his rushes and superfluous evolutions, you may make a bit of a stand and try your hand at timing. It may not all come off as you expect and wish, and you may get a black eye or so, but that does not matter much, as you will have tried conclusions with a rough natural fighter, such as you may any day meet in the streets, and the experience is worth paying for. Whatever you do, however, don’t go in for too many of these “rough and tumble” people till you are really pretty good, and know fairly well the extent of your own capabilities.

Better try to make the best use of your guard and look out for a favourable opportunity for popping in two or three good ones and then get away. If two men are equally matched as regards size, weight, and experience, and one possesses the superiority in speed whilst the other has a better reach, I should certainly back the quicker man : supposing of course that both have mastered the rudiments, and can hit equally straight. Depend upon it a very quick man, and therefore a good timer, even if he only weighs eleven stone, is a nasty customer to tackle.

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