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By Martin Beck-Burridge

The foreign monetary price of motorsports, and specifically Grand Prix racing, has grown considerably in recent times. This e-book focuses upon the big dimension, worth, value and influence of the undefined. It investigates the dominance of UK-based study and improvement and layout and makes a speciality of key administration issues of teamworking, management, procedure and innovation.

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Together with the Cooper chassis, these lightweight motors would deliver a new benchmark for Formula One that immediately delivered the 1959 and 1960 World Championships to Surbiton and Australian driver Sir Jack Brabham. The Climax V8 also proved effective in other chassis. Lotus with Jim Clark won two more World Constructor titles for Britain in the sixties, the last of which was in 1965. Already Ferrari were beginning to feel the sea change in Formula One results, for British companies had won all but two of the annual constructor’s titles since Vanwall inaugurated Britain’s winning formula in 1958.

It would be twenty years before another manufacturer, Audi in Germany, provided a genuinely talented woman with a car capable of winning world class events. Michele Mouton was entrusted with the flame-spitting beast of an automobile (Audi Quattro) and reaped the obvious publicity rewards when she won four World Championship rounds in 1981–82, and was runner up for the world title in 1982. British males seizing fifties’ success were Ian Appleyard (Jaguar), Ian Burgess (Ford) and Sidney Allard (using a Ford V8-powered sports car of his own manufacture).

The third BRM was duly despatched and appeared on the Silverstone grid the next day. Before a large and optimistic crowd the starting flag fell: the BRM moved some two inches and stopped. The embarrassment of all British patriots can be imagined. The crowd jeered The Great White Hope of British Motor Racing, but BRM persisted with wins in minor events. The most significant change came in 1953 when Sir Alfred Owen took over the whole project for that year. Under clear direction and with a single dedicated owner, the team slowly became serious contenders in the fifties and World Champions in the early sixties.

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