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By D. Herzog

Tracing sexual violence in Europes 20th century from the Armenian genocide to Auschwitz and Algeria to Bosnia, this pathbreaking quantity expands army heritage to incorporate the world of sexuality. studying either tales of consensual romance and of intimate brutality, it additionally contributes major new insights to the heritage of sexuality.

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Henry Morgenthau, US ambassador at Constantinople, stated regarding the forced assimilation of Armenian females that, [t]he most beautiful and healthy Armenian girls could be taken, converted forcibly to Mohammedanism, and made the wives or concubines of devout followers of the Prophet. Their children would then automatically become Moslims and so strengthen the Empire, as the Janissaries had strengthened it formerly. 163 Danish missionary Hansine Marcher stated in a 1916 testimony that [i]n the Turkish villages agricultural work was being largely carried on by the Armenian women and children, who had been handed over to the Moslem peasants by the authorities.

As the particular fate of the Armenian females in this period has been analyzed in only a few scholarly works,5 and because this fate is today little known by nonArmenians and non-specialists in the field of genocide studies, the aim is also to help create a larger basis for further discussion of this event, as well as for comparison of gendered aspects of the Armenian genocide with similar aspects of similar historical events; that is, to tentatively bring this material into a wider context of sexual violence during war and genocide.

These factors were sufficient to mobilize a large portion of the Muslim population for participation in the elimination of the Armenians. But since ‘Armenianness’ was generally not considered to be based on biology, elimination could be partly achieved by forced assimilation. 142 Both the CUP and the Nazi genocidal regimes worked toward securing the complete disappearance of an unwanted group. ; they wanted to ‘destroy the Armenian name’ and leave Turkey for the Turks, as a Turkish official told W.

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