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By George Fitzhugh, C. Vann Woodward

Cannibals All! obtained extra cognizance in William Lloyd Garrison's Liberator than the other e-book within the background of that abolitionist magazine. And Lincoln is related to were extra angered via George Fitzhugh than by means of the other pro-slavery author, but he unconsciously paraphrased Cannibals All! in his condo Divided speech. Fitzhugh was once provocative as a result of his stinging assault on unfastened society, laissez-faire economic system, and salary slavery, besides their philosophical underpinnings. He used socialist doctrine to safeguard slavery and drew upon a similar proof Marx utilized in his indictment of capitalism. Socialism, he held, was once simply "the new stylish identify for slavery," even though slavery was once way more humane and in charge, "the top and commonest kind of socialism." His superior testimony used to be provided by way of the abolitionists themselves. He combed the diatribes in their associates, the reformers, transcendentalists, and utopians, opposed to the social evils of the North. "Why all this," he requested, "except that unfastened society is a failure?" the difficulty started, in response to Fitzhugh, with John Locke, "a presumptuous charlatan," and with the heresies of the Enlightenment. within the nice Lockean consensus that makes up American concept from Benjamin Franklin to Franklin Roosevelt, Fitzhugh as a result sticks out as a lone dissenter who makes the traditional polarities among Jefferson and Hamilton, or Hoover and Roosevelt, look insignificant. Beside him Taylor, Randolph, and Calhoun combination inconspicuously into the yankee consensus, all being apostles of John Locke in a point. An highbrow culture that suffers from uniformity--even whether it is virtuous, liberal conformity--could stand a little distinction, and George Fitzhugh can offer extra of it than the other American philosopher.

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We do not know whether free laborers ever sleep. They are fools to do so; for, whilst they sleep, the wily and watchful capitalist is devising means to ensnare and exploitate them. The free laborer must work or starve. He is more of a slave than the negro, because he works longer and harder for less allowance than the slave, and has no holiday, because the cares of life with him begin when its labors end. He has THE UNIVERSAL TRADE 19 no liberty, and not a single right. We know, 'tis often said, air and water are common property, which all have equal right to participate and enjoy; but this is utterly false.

He found the economic determinism of Madison inadequate for his purposes, as well as the narrow capitalist-versus-agrarian dialectic of the other sage of Port Royal, John Taylor. The parochialism of Calhoun appealed to him, but not the Carolinian's legalistic constitutionalism, and most certainly not his heretical adaptation of Lockean theory. Unlike his Southern predecessors and contemporaries, Fitzhugh's approach was not political, or economic, or Ie• Charles A. Beard, The American Spirit (New York, 1942), p.

71. See also Arnaud B. Leavelle and Thomas I. Cook, c'George Fitzhugh and the Theory of American Conservatism," Journal of PolitiCS, VII (1945), 145-168. 158 Fitzhugh, Cannibals Alll, p. 54. 00 Fitzhugh, "Terribly in Earnest," De BOW~8 Review, After the War Series, II (1866), 172-177. xxxiv GEORGE FITZHUGH, SUI GENERIS about as much to do with the occasion as would a sermon or oration on the teething of a child or the kittening of a cat ... Our institutions, State and Federal, imported from England where they had grown up naturally and imperceptibly .

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