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By L. Kay Gillespie

This e-book offers a glance into the lives, crimes, and executions of ladies throughout the twentieth and twenty first centuries. the aim isn't to condone the activities of those girls, yet to signify that these we done are, in reality, humans_rather than monsters, as they can be portrayed.

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Other states, like Alabama, even had portable electric chairs that could be transported on wheels from county to county. The use of electricity as a means of execution was begun in New York, but it was not implemented without controversy. In an age of increasing technology and enlightenment, it was inevitable that progress would expand to the method used to execute. The intent was to provide a “humane” way of death. The controversy soon involved two giants of the electrical world—George Westinghouse, Jr.

Cecil Loveless, saying “Dear Mother: Be brave, God is with you. All my love. I will pray for you as always. ”14 While Eva was playing whist with two other women, her hand would gently caress this letter. In the whist game she was “lucky” and played as if her own life depended upon the outcome. ”15 The prison was deathly quiet as the time for execution approached, except in the women’s cell block. The women who had known Eva as a sister prisoner were sobbing on their narrow cots. As the procession to the gallows passed through a narrow corridor in the administration building, a woman serving time for manslaughter stepped around the corner, encountering the somber death march.

Soon after, Mathis disappeared, as did Eva Dugan, his hired man, Jack—and his car. Mathis’s body 1 2 Part One was later discovered by a man while driving a peg to pitch his tent in the desert. The tent peg struck something hard and when the camper pulled it up, he saw that it had impaled a skull that later proved to be that of the rancher, who had been missing for some time. Y. where she was employed as a nurse in an insane asylum, and had been driving Mathis’s car. Jack was never seen again. Eva was brought back to Tucson where she was tried and found guilty of stealing Mathis’s car.

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